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Borderless Healthcare Group Signs an MOU with BandManage from Israel


On 27 October 2015, “2015 Pujiang Innovation Forum”, jointly held by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, was unveiled in Shanghai with the theme of “Global Innovation Network: Toward a Convergence of Interest”. Hundreds of experts from governments, business and academe sat together and had an in-depth discussion on all the hot issues in innovation home and aboard, and lots of innovative ideas and thoughts with potential value for the economy and society emerged during the forum.

BH Mobile China, a subsidiary of Borderless Healthcare Group, signed an MOU with an Israel company, BandManage, in this innovation forum in the presence of Israel vice president Silvan Shalom and head of Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang for the agreement of their collaboration in China. The signing of this MOU was aimed at rolling out high technology that is not market-sensitive, personalized services, application products, etc in China by facilitating the localization of their major projects in China.


As a world-renowned “Innovation Country”, Israel holds a leading position in various innovative fields and has achieved world leadership in innovation. As an expert in big data in Israel, BandManage has a unique advantage in data collection by using wearables and watches. Meanwhile, as the leader in TMT globally, BHG has already rolled out an MIM training platform which has been adopted by the government of Singapore. The collaboration of these two companies is aimed at helping the 200 to 300 million elderly population in China to have a successful ageing with our professional technical concepts and skilled big data platform by converging the Smart Ageing, MIM, Smart Cloud and personalized home with the big data from BandManage, so as to battle the “Silver Tsunami” which is continually getting worse. By utilising the advantages of both companies, we will revolutionise smart ageing in China/Asia and beyond.

About Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG)

BHG, founded by key stakeholders in the medical, CRM, IT, legal, finance and media industries, spans more than 10 companies in the three key areas of health, wellness and food. BHG’s expertise in the activation of disruptive healthcare market processes has won several media features and partnerships with governments, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

About BandManage

BandManage is an innovative technology company from Israel with world-renowned technical advantage in information collecting with wearables and watches and big data. The idea “manage the health of your family with watch and wearable” right catches the core of the trend of healthcare nowadays, and it can provide the users with the best ever health data management service on so many different levels.