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First-of-its-kind Borderless – Angelplus Health & Wellness Fund launches


May 18th, 2016 – Borderless Healthcare Group joins Beijing Angel Plus Jun Cheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. to launch Borderless – Angelplus Health & Wellness Fund with investment focus in Smart Health, Smart Home, Smart Ageing, Smartcare and Smart Farm. The fund will commence with RMB 100 million Yuan to invest and support small medium enterprises in China/Asia to leverage on global health & wellness knowledge, technology and services.

This powerful combination of BHG’s global resources and international innovation pipeline with Angel Plus’s active market practices in the corporate finance market in China will enable many small medium enterprises in China to evolve in the following ways:

Firstly, the local small medium enterprises in China/Asia will be able to leverage on international knowledge, technology and services to become a “hybridized” innovative company which can be listed via the New Third Board (NASDAQ of China) or other boards in China.

Secondly, Borderless – Angelplus Fund will also be able to create a new breed of China based multinational corporations which are injected with new global corporate DNA as well as support from global knowledge leaders and international capability for export expansion. The establishment of global Borderless Innovation Centers in China and around the world like Israel, America and Europe will be able to support such companies with global capital and resources to scale in the international business arena.

“We do less of traditional incubation and linear acceleration. The process we use is to “hybridize” existing small medium enterprises with global resources, it will not only reduce the time and cost to market where global innovative companies can tap on the existing operational and distribution force in small medium enterprises, the small medium enterprises can also reduce the time and money to create global standard innovation simultaneously. We are able to transform small medium enterprises into China based international multinational corporations in a fairly short time by leveraging on China’s robust capital market with the existing large domestic market,” says Dr. Wei Siang Yu, founder and chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group.

“This is in fact a very unique opportunity for local small medium enterprises to enter into international collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship that can skill them up not only in China, but across the world,” says Yu Minhong, co-founder of Angel Plus. Meanwhile, Huang Xiaoqing, founder of Beijing Angel Plus Jun Cheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. also shares her feelings: “The Borderless – Angelplus Fund is not only aligned with our vision of listing Chinese small medium enterprises, it can also create a very much needed value-added proposition for existing listed companies in the New Third Board who are in the process of strategic merger and acquisition or upgrading to the next stock exchange board.”

Borderless – Angelplus Fund is the first of a series of funds from the Borderless Investment Alliance which is positioned to be the first-of-its-kind eco-system of fund in health & wellness investment. This alliance will be the destination for global investors, global innovation and global fund managers focusing in the space of health & wellness industry.

Borderless Healthcare Group
Borderless Healthcare Group Inc (BHG) is a global leader in healthcare technology, media and telecommunication (TMT), managing more than US$ 100M worth of intellectual assets and innovations via its eco-system of subsidiaries from Smart Health, Smart Care, Smart Ageing, Smart Home to Smart Farm.

Beijing Angel Plus Jun Cheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Established by Angel Plus, Beijing Angel Plus Jun Cheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. focuses itself on the service for the small medium enterprises in China, and help to solve problems like difficulty in financing for them. In the meantime, with its main investment orientation on high-end manufacturing, medical biology and Internet, etc., the company is devoted to earn the return of investment for the small medium enterprises.

Angel Plus
Jointly founded by the renowned educator Yu Minhong and experienced investment banker Sheng Xitai, Angel Plus is the biggest single RMB angel fund in China. Paying its attention on consumption, new technology, new health, new financing and new education, the fund had invested 50 projects by the end of May, 2015. From incubator like the Newspace, A+Labs to fund series like Seed, Angel, A round, Dollar, the New Third Board, etc., then to the cooperation with institutions like the colleges and universities, the fund is aiming to build its own Angel Plus Group in China’s field of entrepreneurship and investment.